Clean air conditioners. Good for health. Good for wealth.

We have been designing, installing and servicing commercial and residential air conditioning systems in Phuket since 2001. We are familiar with all major brands and manufacturers. We can design and install ducted systems, floor or ceiling concealed as well as wall mounted units. Each of our heating, ventilation and air conditioning engineers receives extensive on the job training in key brands by our suppliers.

In an effort to reduce energy usage and promote healthy living we advise customers regularly service and clean their AC systems. A poorly serviced system can use up to 20% more energy annually as it struggles to maintain ambient temperatures. It can also spread airborne microorganisms such as Legionella Pneumophila and Thermophilic Actinomycetes leading to asthma and respiratory allergies.

We provide a regular cleaning and maintenance service for air conditioning units across Phuket. A typical service will include checking thermostat; blower speed, checking compressor load, cleaning filter, clean condenser coil, blower, drain and return air filter; lubricating fan coil motor and checking refrigerant R22/Freon Pressure/Recharge (where required). Please note Freon is a CFC that will damage the Earth’s protective ozone layer if released into the atmosphere. Leaking systems are required to be fixed before recharging.

Our experience in installing ducted AC systems led to enquiries to install kitchen, pub and nightclub air and smoke extraction systems. We installed our first system in 2006 and have been designing and retro-fitting ventilation set-ups ever since.

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