The garden is the largest room in the house

We design and build salas, pergolas and conservatories. We install sand wash, cobble and stamped concrete driveways. We build innovative water features such as ponds, water walls and waterfalls. We construct decks and decking. We plan and install landscape drains and drainage systems.

Phuket Home Services has been at the forefront of creative garden and landscape design in Phuket since 2001. Our early years of experience in installing tropical landscapes in Phuket led us become one of the island’s leading hardscape contractors. A hardscape, encompasses all the inanimate (non living) elements of a landscape or garden from drainage solutions and retaining walls to decorative walls, gates, patios and pathways. We are specialists in designing and building salas, pergolas and decks. We can also offer custom design and build water features and ponds. We have expertise in a wide range of outdoor finishes from sand and pebble wash to imprinted concrete and interlocking paving stones. As always we can offer our clients a range of concepts, designs and plans and assist in project planning.

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