A well designed / installed plumbing system will maintain itself

We design and install plumbing installations for new properties. We repair leaks or inefficiencies in existing homes and apartments. We provide plumbing inspection reports. We find water leaks. We install showers, baths, jacuzzis and hot tubs. We can fit auto-pumps and water storage. We repair blocked drains and sewerage systems. We can install ventilation, ducted air extraction units and heat pumps.

Phuket Home Services Plumbing has been installing plumbing systems since 2001. Our qualified plumbers have a wide range of experience from domestic multi-level systems to hotels, restaurants and bar. We specialize in hot and cold water sanitary systems, waste and sewerage systems, venting and rainwater collection systems. We can install or retro-fit PVC, PPR, copper, galvanized steel, PE and HDPE piping. We design and install pumps and filters for ponds and water features. We repair blocked and broken plumbing pipes. We are Phuket’s recommended choice for bathroom design, renovation and upgrades.

Pipe Inspection Camera

Phuket Home Services offers a high resolution pipe inspection camera service to a range of 30m. This service can be hired by the day or half day and comes complete with trained operator crew. Each system comes with a 7" monitor so customers can see for themselves the problem. This will enable home owners and hotel operators to make a rapid assessment of plumbing and piping problems without the need for messy excavation.

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