Roofing & Waterproofing

The best time to upgrade a roof is… when it’s not raining

We build and construct all types of new roofs. We are an independent roofing inspection company. We repair and retro-fit roof systems. We install roof flashing & membranes. We waterproof flat roofs and design / install guttering systems. We are a professional roofing contractor.

Phuket Home Services has been providing roofing services since 2001. We have a broad range of experience in roof construction and retro repair with residential and commercial roof systems. We can spot weld steel roof structures and roof trusses. Each member of our team receives extensive on-the-job training in techniques ranging from traditional Thai clay tiles; teak and cedar shake through C-Pac to asphalt tile and sheet metal continuous roofing systems.

We install cedar and teak; metal sheet and zincalum; C-PAC and lightweight asphalt roofs. We provide guttering, membranes, waterproofing and retrofit problem solving. We waterproof concrete flat roofs, floor slabs, low walls and pools.

Typical roof problems in a tropical environment such as Phuket include poor installation; low roof pitch; lack of a waterproof membrane; punctured membranes; insufficient provision of flashing; undersized valleys and gutters and flat roof pooling and poor leaf-blocked drainage. Phuket Home Inspections undertakes specific roofing surveys or as part of any pre-purchase property inspection.

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