Green Homes

The longest roads start with a single step

When it comes to protecting Phuket’s delicate natural environment we are under no illusions. Overbuilding and a lack of adequate planning, particularly in coastal areas, have led to a severe reduction of the natural habitat and a led drain on the island’s natural resources. With this in mind we forego ideology, cliché and rhetoric and focus instead on clear attainable goals.

We design and re-fit energy efficient homes. We can install solar water heating / Solar PV and hybrid energy systems. We supply LED energy efficient lighting and AC design and control. Sometimes we have been able to derive better energy cost efficiency by simple planting shade trees near windows or installing reflective strips on glass. We advise and consult on heat pumps and range of thermal roof insulation such as space blankets, roll loft insulation and foil. For larger properties we can design and install rainwater collection and in-ground storage systems.

Whilst we are not yet currently accredited with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) or TREE (Thai Rating of Energy and Environmental Sustainability) certification we support the main building and management principals such as water conservation, energy and atmosphere, materials & resources and environmental protection.

In an effort to reduce raw material wastage it is our company policy to re-use many of the fixtures, fittings and materials we collect during the course of our many home and business renovations on the island. Wherever possible we will recycle / donate such items to low income groups within the community.