Stone Work and Tile Setting

The devil is in the detail

Phuket Home Services installs tiles; kitchen and bathroom counter tops, stone flooring and walls. We work in sandstone, granite, marble and limestone. We are a terrazzo, sandwash and stucco contractor. We can also arrange stone cleaning, sealing and refinishing services.

When it comes to stonework be it a natural stone floor, a kitchen counter or custom designed bathroom there are no prizes for 2nd place.

We are experts in exterior mountain stone wall installations in local granites and limestones. With each project care is taken with the mortar bed or tile adhesive to prevent the common problem of efflorescence.

Given the vast range of ceramic tiles that are readily available in the Kingdom it is no surprise to find that the quality of tiling work here in Phuket is generally excellent. As with any tiling project planning the tile layout is of very important. We will go through each layout carefully (by CAD if necessary) to ensure the most perfect tile lines.

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