Chatuchak market bangkok

Chatuchak market bangkok

What days are Chatuchak market open?

Chatuchak Weekend Market is open every Friday , Saturday and Sunday . The market opens Friday night at 6PM and closes at midnight. On Saturday and Sunday , it’s open all day from 9AM to 6PM.

What should I buy in Chatuchak Bangkok?

With over 15,000 stalls, Chatuchak Weekend Market is the world’s largest weekend market and Thailand’s best place to buy souvenirs. Chatuchak Shopping Guide: What to Buy at Chatuchak Weekend Market Home decorations. Buddhist art. Lamps. Kitchenware. Soap. Clothing items and accessories. Bags, pouches and purses.

How do I get to Chatuchak Market?

How to get to Chatuchak Weekend Market . Hop on the Skytrain (BTS) to Mo Chit station, take exit no. 1 and follow the crowd until you see rows of canvas stalls selling clothes. Turn right while continuing to follow the crowd and you’ll see a small entrance that leads into the market (clothing section).

Is Chatuchak worth going?

While arriving to this humongous market for the first time can feel like pure chaos, it caters to a unique experience which is something like getting lost in wonderland. On top of everything, Chatuchak market is worth the hype and definitely deserves your visit on your next trip to Bangkok!

Where can I buy cheap clothes in Bangkok?

In this article, you will find Bangkok’s 10 best budget shopping places, complete with reasons that make them stand out from others. Platinum Fashion Mall. Chatuchak Weekend Market. Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin Night Market. Pan Tip Plaza. Pratunam Market. MBK Center (Ma Boon Khrong Center) Union Mall. Victory Monument Market.

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Can you bargain at Chatuchak?

Unlike many of the other tourist markets in the country, Chatuchak is not a place for hard bargaining since all the competition keeps prices reasonable. If you ‘re buying a lot from any one vendor, you may get a 10 – 15 percent discount, but rarely more than that. That said, you should still bargain for items a little.

Which is the best market in Bangkok?

The 6 Most Popular Shopping Markets in Bangkok Sampeng Market (Yaowarat) Yaowarat, or Bangkok’s Chinatown, is one of the most exciting and busiest parts of the city. Chatuchak Weekend Market (ซื้อของที่ ตลาดนัดจตุจักร ) Saphan Phut (สะพานพุทธ) Pratunam Market (ประตูน้ำ) Khlong Toey Fresh Market ( ตลาดคลองเตย ) Wang Lang Market (ตลาดวังหลัง)

Which gate is Chatuchak?

Alternative Route 1 – To enter from Chatuchak Market Gate 1: Take the MRT and alight at Kamphaeng Phet MRT station. Exit the station from Exit 2. Walk along the main road, Kamphaeng Phet Road, until you see Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road on your left.

What is there to eat at Chatuchak?

Food You Must Not Miss At Chatuchak Market 2020 Coconut Ice Cream at Coco JJ (60 THB) Honey Roast Pork at Moo Yang Nam Peung (50 THB) Tub Tim Grob at Tub Tim Grob Shop (40 THB) Paella at Viva 8 (160 THB) Fried Octopus at King Octopus (50 – 200 THB) Duck Noodle at Drum Stick Duck Noodle (50 THB) Mango Sticky Rice at Mango Sticky Rice Vendor (50 THB)

Which is the best floating market to visit in Bangkok?

5 Best Floating Markets to Visit in Bangkok Amphawa Floating Market . The ultimate afternoon getaway. Image credit: Fabio Achilli. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market . Must-see tourist-savvy spot. Taling Chan Floating Market . Float-and-shop without traveling far. Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market . Take a ride into the past. Bang Phli Floating Market . A truly authentic experience.

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How do I get to Chatuchak market by MRT?

Chatuchak by MRT The MRT is Bangkok’s underground transit system. Alight at Kamphaeng Phet Station, and take Exit 2 which will bring you right smack inside the market . What’s even better, you can just take a right from the station exit, and you can start fashion shopping right away.

How much is the Skytrain in Bangkok?

Right now, riding the Skytrain costs from 16 Thai baht ( £0.37 ) for a single ticket to travel one station, up to 59 baht ( £1.38 ) to take in the whole system. A one-day ticket for unlimited travel costs 140 baht ( £3.26 ).

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