Koh samui vs krabi

Koh samui vs krabi

Is Phuket or Koh Samui better?

Both islands have some of the world’s most beautiful beaches so traveler’s choice will depend on their interests and what they want to get out of their holiday. For a social whirlwind or surfing, Phuket is the better choice. But for a relaxed holiday by the ocean or for snorkeling, Samui is the winner.

Is Koh Samui still worth visiting?

Overall thoughts on whether Koh Samui is worth a visit If you’re heading to Samui for a wellness or yoga retreat and don’t mind paying a million dollars to get there, I’d say definitely go for it . However, if you’re planning a trip to Samui because you think it’s a beautiful island oasis, you might want to think again.

How do I get from Koh Samui to Krabi?

Travel by bus+ferry from Krabi to Koh Samui (over Surat Thani) takes about 6-8 hours. Travel by plane (direct flight) from Krabi to Koh Samui takes about 1 hour.

Is Koh Samui or Koh Tao better?

Koh Tao is world-renowned for its impressive marine life, making it the scuba diving destination of choice in Thailand. Koh Samui is the more famous island, attracting all types of visitors from budget backpackers to the rich and wealthy. Honestly, choosing either destination is an excellent choice.

Is Koh Samui expensive?

The short answer is no, Koh Samui isn’t an expensive place to visit. Koh Samui is just like the rest of the country in that it fits many budgets, however in general it’s slightly more expensive than the mainland.

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Is Koh Samui dangerous?

Samui is a very safe destination to visit, but like all places that attracts large crowds, problems can occur if you’re not aware of them beforehand. Most of these potential scams and hazards are fortunately already pretty well-known and may even sound obvious to experienced travellers.

What is the best month to visit Koh Samui?

Best Time of Year to Visit Koh Samui The best time to visit Koh Samui is from December to February , which is the dry season . Each season in Koh Samui has something special to offer. High season, also known as dry season , is busy, but the weather is nice, and you won’t see rain.

How many days do you need in Koh Samui?

Ideally, if you want to combine a bit of culture, sightseeing, relaxing and enjoying the water and maybe the surrounding islands, I would recommend spending four days in Koh Samui and this itinerary is just a great way to get started in planning your trip.

What is the best beach in Koh Samui?

9 Best Beaches In Koh Samui That Make For An Ideal Holiday Chaweng Beach (Most Popular) Chaweng Beach via s.ermel. Silver Beach (Highly Recommended) Silver Beach via Luís Borges Alves. Choeng Mon Beach (Lesser-known) Choeng Mon Beach via Altina. Maenam Beach . Maenam Beach via Martina Ph. Lamai Beach. Lipa Noi Beach (Kid-Friendly) Coral Cove Beach. Bophut Beach .

Are there crocodiles in Krabi?

A two metre crocodile has been caught in a mangrove forest in Klongtom, Krabi whilst another crocodile was sighted last night. Officials from the Krabi Provincial Fisheries Office arrived at the area after being notified by locals that a crocodile has been caught.

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How long is the ferry from Krabi to Koh Samui?

From their Krabi office there are around four or five departures per day, and, if you just opt for the bus and ferry you’re generally looking at a travel time of around 4 hours thanks to the fact that Lomprayah operates high-speed catamaran ferries from Krabi to Koh Samui .

Which is the best area to stay in Krabi?

Best area to stay in Krabi Ao Nang : probably the most popular place in the Krabi area. Railay & Tonsai Beach: the remote area of Krabi, reachable only by boat. Nopparat Thara & Klong Haeng: a long shallow beach, very quiet, a perfect spot for a family holiday with kids or just a peaceful stay with a few sunset walks.

Is Koh Tao a party island?

A. Yes, Koh Tao is a party island as it offers the best of Thailand’s nightlife.

Is Koh Samui a party island?

Koh Samui is the island where you go to party in style. With plenty of beach clubs, discos, lounge bars and beer bars, there is a lot to do once the sun has set. Some of these places have even earned a reputation for being some of the best party venues in the world.

Are there sharks in Koh Tao?

The blacktip reef shark is the most common shark seen in the warm coastal waters around Koh Tao . While the young generally stay close to the island, swimming around the shallow bays, the larger adults have been seen on some of the of the deeper dive sites a little further away from Koh Tao .

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