Pattaya go go

How Much Is A Go Go Girl in Pattaya? Pattaya bar girl prices 2020. 1500-3000 for the whole night (LT), 1500+ for short time (ST) up to two hours, bar fines: 400-500+; Pattaya go go girl prices 2000-4000 LT, 2000+ ST, bar fines 800-2000; freelancers 1000-1500 ST, 1500-2000LT. What is Go Go Bar in Pattaya?
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Is Pattaya better than Phuket? Phuket is an island with many resort areas, Pattaya is a city. Phuket has better beaches but higher costs. Pattaya is cheaper but loads to do. If beach isnt so important then Pattaya is your choice hands down. What is Pattaya Thailand known for? Pattaya , Thailand just can’t seem
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