Elephant tour phuket

Elephant tour phuket

Can you ride an elephant in Phuket?

At Elephant Kalim Garden, you can ride on an elephant and take a jungle walk near Patong Beach. Elephant trekking can last between half an hour and one hour. The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket is dubbed as the most ethical elephant sanctuary in Phuket . They can swim with elephants , bathe, and feed them.

How far is the elephant sanctuary from Phuket?

Phang Nga Elephant Park is about an hour’s drive from Phuket , but transfers are available to get you there for the morning or afternoon tours.

How much does it cost to ride an elephant in Thailand?

In Thailand, you can avail an elephant ride at an affordable range. The comprehensive package including the ride, feeding and taking photos with the elephants will cost around 950 Baht ( Rs 2230) per person.

Where can I see elephants in Phuket?

Go swimming with elephants and enjoy elephant bathing in Phuket at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary! Visiting the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, the most ethical sanctuary in Phuket , gives curious visitors a unique opportunity to interact with magnificent elephants in the safety and security of their natural home.

Does riding an elephant hurt them?

False. Once fully trained, elephants used for riding will need to carry at least one person on its back, either on a blanket or saddle, but often with no padding at all. Carrying just one adult on its back can cause the elephant pain and over time, potentially even spinal injury .

Are there tigers in Phuket?

Tiger Kingdom has two branches in Chiang Mai and one in Phuket . According to report in The Phuket News, “The rather Disney-fied story of Thailand’s Tiger Kingdom began in the early eighties.”

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How much does it cost to swim with Bubbles the elephant?

You cannot ride an elephant on this tour although there are additional tours where you can swim with Bubbles the elephant . The price for the photos is about $300 extra but they literally take hundreds of photos for you.

Are elephant sanctuaries in Phuket ethical?

The Phuket Elephant sanctuary is leading the way when it comes to the ethical treatment of retired/rescued elephants . Not only do elephants roam free but they also bathe freely too with the only tourist/ elephant interaction allowed at feeding time.

Where is the best place to visit elephants?

10 of the world’s best places to see elephants Chobe National Park, Botswana. Elephant Nature Park, Thailand. Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, Malawi. Sayaboury Elephant Conservation Centre, Laos. Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. Periyar National Park, India. Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home, Sri Lanka. Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa.

Is it bad to ride elephants in Thailand?

Because it is now illegal to trap and traffic wild elephants in Thailand , some trekking camps breed elephants in captivity to maintain their populations. But even if you turned every elephant currently in captivity loose, there would be nowhere safe for all of them to go.

Why is elephant riding cruel?

But the truth is riding elephants should be avoided. In the US, organizations, including the Humane Society of the US and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, are against riding elephants because of the abuse the animals undergo when they are taught to carry people, as well as safety concerns.

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Is riding elephants in Thailand cruel?

But the fact is those wild elephants need to be tamed before they can be ridden. Except the taming process in Southeast Asia is not the same as with a wild horse. It’s much more brutal and is accomplished when the elephants are very young. Wash Elephants , Don’t Ride Them!

Is it safe to swim with elephants?

Yes you are splashed and if you want you can swim with them but swimming is in clear water. You are bathing the elephants in the mud. Most importantly you do not have to participate you can enjoy from the sidelines. By going you are supporting the beautiful retirement of these majestic animals.

How much does it cost to swim with elephants in Thailand?

A local has two Elephant’s which you can swim with and feed. The cost is 500baht for 20 minutes and well worth it. I recommend this over the elephant trekking any day.

Where is the elephant sanctuary in Thailand?

Elephant Nature Park is one of the best-known elephant conservation projects in Thailand . Set on the edge of a rainforest near Chiang Mai, in Thailand’s north, the sanctuary was founded by award-winning conservationist Lek Chailert in 1995.

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