Similan islands from phuket

Similan islands from phuket

How do you get to Similan Islands from Phuket?

When you land on Phuket you will have to take the boat from Chalong or Patong (closer to the islands ) that brings you to the Similan Islands within a few hours depending on which Island to visit. Koh Tachai will take up to four hours and Koh Similan only two or three.

How far is Similan Islands from Phuket?

The Similan Islands National Park is 85 kilometers northwest of Phuket.

Can you stay on Similan Islands?

Similan islands hotel Since there are no Similan Islands hotels you can only stay in the bungalows or on a campsite. The campsite is the budget alternative and can be found on the Islands of Koh Meang, Koh Similan and Koh Tachai. The tents are spacious and offer a place to stay for the night for 2-3 persons per tent.

Where are the Similan Islands located?

The Similan Islands (Thai: หมู่เกาะสิมิลัน , RTGS: Mu Ko Similan, Thai pronunciation: [mùː kɔ̀ʔ si. mi. lan], Malay: Pulau Sembilan) is an archipelago in the Andaman Sea off the coast of, and part of, Phang Nga Province in southern Thailand.

Is James Bond Island worth seeing?

No trip to Phuket, Thailand is complete without a one-day boat trip tour that includes a tour of James Bond Island . It’s worth one visit, but any tour, even on a fast, more expensive speed boat, will require a chunk of your valuable day in Phuket.

Is Khao Lak better than Phuket?

If miles of gorgeous, secluded coastline and tranquil ocean views are more your forte, Khao Lak is the destination for you. There is also plenty of shopping and nightlife in Khao Lak – although to a much smaller scale than Phuket .

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Which side of Phuket has the best beaches?

The west side of Phuket serves up all the fabulous beaches from the north end near the airport to the southern end of Phuket . In the North of Phuket to Phangnga, you can find dazzling displays of Thailand’s best such as Natai Beach along with the most exclusive and unspoilt private beaches .

Is Phi Phi expensive?

Koh Phi Phi is one of the most expensive islands in Thailand, especially for budget accommodation. Even a bed in an 18-bed dorm room can cost you upwards of 1000 baht per night ($33).

What islands can you visit from Phuket?

While there are tonnes of these little islets close by, these 9 amazing islands near Phuket just cannot be missed. Koh Phi Phi . Koh Lanta . James Bond Island . Similan Island . Surin Island. Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi . Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi . Koh Bon .

Are the Similan Islands Open?

The park is closed each year from 16 May to 15 October each year, partly to give the reefs time to regenerate, and partly due to the heavy monsoons which hit the region during this time of year.

How do you get to James Bond Island from Phuket?

Phuket to James Bond Island ferry is also a very good way to reach this place. One can rent a long tail boat in Phuket to go to Phang Nga Bay. This will include a journey around the James Bond Island and other important tourist attractions. To rent the boat, one has to go to Au Por, in the northeast corner of Phuket .

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How far is Similan Islands from Khao Lak?

How far is Similan Islands from Khao Lak ? The islands are 70 km west from Khao Lak .

How do you dive in Similan Island?

The best way to dive in The Similan Islands is from a liveaboard boat. The majority of trips leave from Khao Lak, but there are departures from Ranong and Phuket too. The recommended length is a four-day four-night trip, but there are shorter options available.

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