Drag race thailand season 2

Drag race thailand season 2

Where can I watch Drag Race Season 2 in Thailand?

Watch Drag Race Thailand Online | Stream Season 2 Now | Stan.

Is Drag Race Thailand Cancelled?

There isn’t a lot of information about Drag Race Thailand Season 3, but this series has not been officially canceled by production companies Kantana and World of Wonder, either.

Where can I watch drag race in Thailand?

Drag Race Thailand – WOW Presents Plus. Welcome to WOW Presents Plus, the only streaming service featuring all things drag , pop culture, and LGBTQ+ programming.

Is Drag Race Thailand official?

Drag Race Thailand is a Thai reality competition show based on the American version with RuPaul . The series was licensed by the Kantana Group and premiered on 15 February 2018. The show is hosted by fashion stylist Art-Arya, while drag performer Pangina Heals co-hosts.

Where can I watch Drag Race Season 1 in Thailand?

Watch Drag Race Thailand season 1 episode 1 in streaming | BetaSeries.com.

Is Drag Race Thailand on WOW presents Plus?

Drag Race Thailand is an extension from Drag Race producers World of Wonder with a fresh new set of judges and talented queens. The show airs on LINE TV in Thailand and airs exclusively on WOW Presents Plus in the US.

What’s next for RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Is celebrity drag racing crave?

Included with a subscription to: CRAVE (EN, FR)

Will Drag Race Canada air in the US?

In the United States the series premiered on WOW Presents Plus, the streaming service of RuPaul’s Drag Race production company World of Wonder, concurrently with its Canadian debut. It was subsequently added to the schedule of Logo TV, premiering on that service on July 27, 2020.

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Where can I watch Drag Race Holland?

How to watch Drag Race Holland in the US? If you don’t live in the Netherlands, you’ll be able to watch Drag Race Holland in US via the streaming service WOW Presents Plus. Starting with the premiere on September 17, new episodes of the show will be added to WOW Presents Plus every Thursday at 6 p.m. ET.

Who hosts Canada’s Drag Race?

RuPaul’s Drag Race | Season 13 First Look Canada’s Drag Race host Brooke Lynn Hytes has opened up about the backlash the judging panel received during the show’s first season.

Who will host Drag Race Australia?

On January 18, 2021 the official title of the series was announced by RuPaul through World of Wonder’s social media. This also confirmed that the show would be airing on WOW Presents Plus, Stan Australia , and TVNZ. RuPaul will host the show, with Michelle Visage joining Ru on the Judge’s Panel.

Who won Drag Race Holland?


Contestant Age Outcome
Envy Peru 31 Winner
Janey Jacké 28 Runner-up
Ma’Ma Queen 30 3rd/4th Place
Miss Abby OMG 25

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