Maldives to thailand

Maldives to thailand

How long is the flight from Maldives to Thailand?

The total flight duration from Maldives to Thailand is 4 hours , 46 minutes.

How close is the Maldives to Thailand?

Distance from Maldives to Thailand is 3,380 kilometers. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Maldives and Thailand is 3,380 km= 2,100 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Maldives to Thailand , It takes 3.75 hours to arrive.

How far is Maldives from Phuket?

The distance between Maldives and Phuket is 2791 km.

Is Thailand better than Bali?

Thailand wins our vote here with its wider range of activities and cuisines, cheaper on-ground costs and greater family-friendly appeal. It’s best for foodies, beach lovers and culture. If you’re after a better party scene or surf however, then Bali is the place to go.

Is Thailand or Maldives better?

A. The Maldives has a higher number of islands and they promote honeymoon tourism better than Thailand .

Is Maldives cheaper than Bali?

Bali is clearly the cheaper option as resorts offer rooms starting from USD 300, while resorts in the Maldives offer packages starting from USD 550. Water villas are decidedly more expensive . Amenities are also cheaper in Bali , making it a more economical pick.

How far is Maldives from Bangkok?

The distance between Bangkok and Maldives is 3144 km .

How can I transport to Thailand?

Tuk Tuk. The most indigenous mode of transport in Thailand , Tuk Tuks are the famous 3-wheeled vehicles that you would have seen in many travel-related photos of Southeast Asia. Taxi. Motorcycle Taxi. Songthaew. Bus. Bangkok BTS Skytrain. Bangkok MRT Subway. Train.

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How do you travel to the Maldives?

Hopping on and off ferries and speedboats is the best way to get around the island nation of Maldives . Dhoni charters and speedboats are available for hire at Male and all nearby islands. Taxi boats are used to take tourists to and from the islands in the North and South Atolls.

Which is better Bora Bora or Maldives?

The Maldives vs Bora Bora : Accessibility The Maldives is more readily accessible from Europe and Africa than Bora Bora is, but if you are based in the United States then Bora Bora is the better option. Both Bora Bora and the Maldives involve further travel from the international airport.

How many days do you need for Maldives?

Unless you are into specific activities that require time such as diving & deep-sea fishing, Maldives is perfect for a short stay instead of a long one. Anything more than 1 week will be too much for our opinion. 4 to 5 days is usually sufficient if staying in one hotel and perhaps 7 days if 2 hotels.

How much money should I take to Maldives?

You should plan to spend around MVR922 ($60) per day on your vacation in the Maldives , which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, MVR207 ($13) on meals for one day and MVR109 ($7.09) on local transportation.

Is Phuket or Bali better?

Bali offers more hotel choices than Phuket does. If you’re a surfer, Bali is your choice for its collection of world-class breaks. On the other hand, Phuket’s beaches are more scenic and laidback, great for those preferring island beach escapades with a mix of water sports and just lazing on the sand.

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Whats cheaper Bali or Thailand?

Bali is generally cheaper for most things but Thailand overall is of a higher standard eg – Kuta/Legian etc is quite dirty and facilities etc low grade where Thailand (Phuket) is much cleaner .

How can I go to Thailand for cheap?

Here are a few general tips if you really want to travel the cheapest in Thailand : Eat all local Thai food (don’t eat international cuisine) Avoid areas that are congested with tourists. Replace tourist famous attractions with local Thai attractions and community organized activities.

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