Railay beach thailand hotels

Railay beach thailand hotels

Is it worth staying at Railay Beach?

The beaches around Railay are wonderful and worth a trip, especially the one located in the south of the peninsula. A little bit crowded in some areas, and sometimes sadly full of waste from people who do not respect the nature.

Is it better to stay in Ao Nang or Railay?

So if you have a choice or want to stay in one area more than the other, we would certainly recommend staying at Railay over Ao Nang , as long as your budget allows it, because staying on Railay Beach is significantly more expensive than staying near Ao Nang Beach.

Is Railay Beach expensive?

You should plan to spend around ฿2,341 ($78) per day on your vacation in Railay Beach , which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, ฿220 ($7.32) on meals for one day. Also, the average hotel price in Railay Beach for a couple is ฿3,571 ($119).

Which Railay Beach is best?

Phra Nang Cave Beach is on the southernmost tip of Railay and, as the best beach on the peninsula, is where most people (including day-trippers from Ao Nang and Krabi) spend their days. It can get very crowded as a result, so early morning and late afternoon are the best times to visit.

How do I get to Railay Beach?

The closest ports of embarkation to get to Railay are Ao Nang, Nopparat Thara and Ao Nam Mao, although you can also get there from Krabi Town. From Ao Nang, you need to purchase your ticket at the Ao Nang Long-Tail Boat Service Club booths located at both ends of Ao Nang Beach Road, respectively next to.

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How do I get from Railay Beach to Ao Nang?

Ao Nang to Railay Beach Phuket is a 3-hour drive from Ao Nang , but the best way to get from Phuket to Ao Nang is by boat which takes just 2 hours. Note – if you are staying in a hotel in Railay Beach , they will be able to arrange boats for you from Ao Nang and other parts of Krabi.

Can you walk to Railay beach from Ao Nang?

The pier for longtail boats to Railay Bay (or Ao Nang ) was just a few minutes walk from the hotel. The trip to Railay is about 12km and took about 30 minutes on a lovely sunny morning with calm seas. Our boat arrived at a large floating pier at Railay Bay East – not much of a beach here, it’s mangroves and a bit muddy.

Is Ao Nang worth visiting?

It’s just a town with nothing exciting to see. It’s a good base for onward travels, but not where you want to spend your time. If you’ve never been to the west coast of Thailand before, then Ao Nang is a good place to start, and you can take day trips from there to lots of great beaches.

Is Ao Nang beach nice?

However, Krabi has a popular holiday destination with its beach town Ao Nang , which has also many beautiful mainland beaches to offer. The beaches in Ao Nang and its vicinity are definitely worth a visit. Partially, you can reach them by scooter or taxi and in some cases only with a boat.

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Can you snorkel at Railay Beach?

Railay is not particularly known for its diving or snorkeling . Yet there are still underwater adventures that can be pursued here. It’s possible to snorkel from any of Railay’s beaches . Doing so closer to the rocks, you may be able to spot some reef fish.

How far is Railay beach from Bangkok?

The distance between Bangkok and Railay Beach is 664 km . The road distance is 779.3 km.

Is Railay Beach an island?

Railay Beach is, in fact, a small peninsula which counts four beaches . Although it’s actually connected to the mainland, the spectacular Phra Nang Peninsular is effectively cut off from the rest of Krabi by limestone headlands and steep jungle valleys; the only access is by sea.

What is there to do in Railay beach at night?

Railay in high season is quite the place to be, with beach fire dancing, full moon, half moon and black moon parties, impromptu get-togethers and bars with organised live music, Thai boxing and drinks specials.

Which beach is best to stay in Krabi?

11 Top-Rated Beach Resorts in Krabi, Thailand Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort, Ao Nang . Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort, Klong Muang Beach. Rayavadee, Railay Beach . Pimalai Resort and Spa, Ko Lanta. Koyao Island Resort, Ko Yao Noi. The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort, Tubkaak Beach. Ko Jum Beach Villas, Nua Klong. Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa, Railay Beach .

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