Songkran festival thailand

Songkran festival thailand

Is Songkran a religious festival?

Songkran is a religious festival with two aspects that are particularly important: the family, that has first priority, and the century-old ceremonies taking place in the temples. During the Songkran festivities, young people pay tribute to the older ones, parents as well as grandparents.

Who celebrates Songkran water festival?

Thais are celebrating this year’s Songkran festival , also known as the Buddhist New Year. The festival , held between 13 and 15 April in Thailand , is also celebrated in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

What is the purpose of Songkran?

Songkran – also known as the Water Splashing Festival – is a celebration to mark the start of the Buddhist New Year. Buddha images are bathed, and younger Thais show respect to monks and elders by sprinkled water over their hands.

How is Songkran celebrated in Thailand?

The Thai capital celebrates with the Bangkok Songkran Splendours Festival which takes place from April 13th to 15th. Events during the festival include water throwing, the ritual bathing of Buddha images, processions and performances. A tempting array of traditional foods are enjoyed throughout the celebrations .

What is the origin of Songkran?

The most celebrated of traditions, the Songkran Water Festival derives its name from Sanskrit word “Songkran”, meaning to move or pass into. This ancient festival celebrates the Thai New Year, April 13 through April 15. The origins derive from the ancient Indian Festival of Makar Sankriti.

What do you call the floating lantern festival in Thailand?

Thailand’s Loi Krathong festival , in which candles are floated downriver on baskets made of banana leaves and wood, is held each year on the twelfth full moon (usually sometime in November). The result, known as Yi Peng Floating Lantern Festival , is a magical twinkling flurry of light.

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What is Buddha Day Thailand?

Visakha Bucha Day is the most significant event in the Buddhist calendar. The day commemorates three defining events in the life of the Buddha , which all occurred on the full-moon day of the sixth lunar month (the Visakha month).

What food is eaten during Songkran?

So what to eat during Songkran? Khao Chae. Khao Chae is a seasonal royal dish made up of cooked rice cooled in flower-scented water with various condiments . Mango Sticky Rice . Mango Sticky Rice is the infamous Thai dessert loved by all. Thai Margarita. Pad Kee Mao Talay. Prawn Pad Thai .

Do they celebrate Chinese New Year in Thailand?

Chinese New Year isn’t just celebrated in China. It’s celebrated all over the world, and while not a public holiday in Thailand , it’s enthusiastically celebrated in Bangkok’s Chinatown. The annual holiday, also known as the Spring Festival, occurs this year on Feb.

How does Thailand celebrate New Years?

For the January New Year’s celebration , Thai people often exchange gifts with friends and family members. It’s also common for them to pay a visit to their local temple so that they can make merit, participate in temple rites and otherwise ring in the coming year.

Where is Songkran celebrated in Bangkok?

Best Places To Celebrate Songkran in Bangkok Silom. This is probably the biggest and best place to head to experience Songkran in Bangkok . Khao San Road. If you have been or have heard of Khao San Road, then here the water fight is mixed with one big wild and noisy party! Sanam Luang. Phra Pradaeng District.

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What Thai celebration corresponds to Fathers Day?

As King Bhumibol was seen by many as the symbolic father of Thailand , 5 December has also long been celebrated as father’s day nationwide – in the same way as mother’s day falls on 12 August, the birthday of Queen Sirikit – and this has not been changed since his passing.

How do you say Happy New Year in Thai?

How to wish a happy new year in Thai ? Sawasdee pee maï which means Happy New Year . Suk san wan pee maï which also means Happy New Year (literally happy day of the new year ) For the countdown : 5,4,3,2,1 is haa (5), sii (4), sam (3), song (2) nueng (1) So it will be: haa, sii, sam, song, neung… Kho haï mee kwam suk to wish a lot of happiness .

What is the famous festival in Thailand?

Songkran is the biggest – and arguably the best – festival in Thailand, a huge celebration for Thai New Year which takes the form of massive, country-wide water fight!

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