Thailand social media

Thailand social media

What social media does Thailand use?

Social Media Subscribers in Thailand Facebook is in the lead with 30 million subscribers, followed by YouTube at 26.2 million subscribers and twitter and Instagram at 4.5 million and 1.7 million respectively.

What is the most popular social media in Thailand?

According to a report published by Similarweb, Facebook is currently ranked first in terms of monthly traffic inside Thailand. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Facebook is also listed as the most widely used social media platform in the country. Nonetheless, for online chatting, LINE is the country’s preferred application.

Is Instagram popular in Thailand?

As of January 2021, there were approximately 16.47 million Instagram users in Thailand .

Is Facebook popular in Thailand?

In 2019, the number of Facebook users in Thailand reached around 48.5 million, up from around 47 million in 2018. Given that there were 50.31 million internet users in Thailand in 2019, almost all of them were using Facebook .

Is WhatsApp used in Thailand?

1 on the list of most popular messengers, WhatsApp is only on the 3rd position in Thailand .

What social media do Vietnamese use?

While Facebook and YouTube are known globally, Zalo is Vietnam’s premier chatting platform that was launched in 2012. The number of social network users in Vietnam was forecasted to reach about 52.8 million by 2023. Facebook and Zalo were primarily used to follow brands and to inquire about brand services.

Is YouTube blocked in Thailand?

Thailand. In 2006, Thailand blocked access to YouTube for users with Thai IP addresses. Although no official explanation was given for the ban, many bloggers believed the reason for the blocking was a video of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s speech on CNN. YouTube was unblocked on March 10, 2007.

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Is WeChat popular in Thailand?

Like China, Thailand has one of the highest rates of mobile penetration in the world. To date, WeChat has been used sparingly in Thailand , and mainly by those with links to China, but its popularity is increasing, while there is great potential for similar apps tailored to the Thai market.

What is the best dating app in Thailand?

The best dating apps Tastebuds. Whether you’re looking for that perfect someone or just need a concert buddy, you should download Tastebuds. Coffee Meets Bagel. Coffee Meets Bagel. Bumble. Bumble. Happn. Happn. Bristlr. Bristlr. OkCupid. OkCupid. Tinder . Tinder .

How many Facebook users are there in China?

ASIA Population ( 2020 Est.) Internet Users 31-MAY-2020
Cambodia 16,718,965 8,005,551
China * 1,439,323,776 854,000,000
Georgia 3,989,167 2,658,311

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