Where to go in thailand in march

Where to go in thailand in march

Is March a good time to travel to Thailand?

Thailand is a great year-round destination, but the best weather is usually between November and April. The north and west have their rainy season from June to October, and the east from November to March . The best weather is usually found in December, January, and February.

What is there to do in Thailand in March?

12 Places To Visit In Thailand In March Ko Samui: Pristine Beaches. Phi Phi Island: Incredible Scenic Aura. Koh Tao: Honeymooners’s Paradise. Krabi: Stunning Sunsets. Phetchaburi: Picturesque Province In Central Thailand . Hua Hin: Oldest Beach Destinations. Khao Yai National Park: Rich Flora And Fauna.

Is March good time to visit Phuket?

Phuket in March Phuket is warm in March , with a slight increase in rainfall and humidity as the dry season comes to an end. Temperatures average between 23⁰C-34⁰C and days are generally sunny with blue skies. Sea temperatures are nice and warm for snorkelling and diving at around 29⁰C.

What month should you avoid Thailand?

When to avoid traveling in Thailand Chiang Mai: If possible, avoid visiting from mid-February through early April. This is “burning season” and air quality can be quite bad. Similan Islands: The National Marine Park is closed between the months of November through March.

Can you wear red in Thailand?

So the best rule of thumb is, unless you want to show you are a Red Shirt supporter, don’t wear a red shirt. The main rule of thumb in Thailand is dress more conservatively than you would at home, and women should always wear bras, particularly in Bangkok.

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Is March rainy season in Thailand?

Thailand has three official seasons – hot, cool, and wet. The hot season runs from March through to June, with April and May the hottest months of the year. The monsoon season usually is accompanied by heavy rain but will normally have rough seas. However, it can rain torrents when it does rain .

What is Thailand like in March?

If you’re going in March you can look forward to lots of sun and much less rain than at other times of the year. This is because March is in the north eastern monsoon season, so you’ll be much drier than in the south western monsoon that’s from May to October. If it does rain, it’s usually not for long.

What is the average temperature in Thailand in March?

Daily high temperatures increase by 2°F, from 92°F to 94°F, rarely falling below 89°F or exceeding 98°F. Daily low temperatures increase by 3°F, from 77°F to 79°F, rarely falling below 73°F or exceeding 82°F.

How is Thailand in February?

Thailand is close to the equator, which means most of the country has a tropical climate. You’ll get high temperatures and plenty of sun if you’re going in February . It’s one of the cooler months of the year, but it’s still very hot, and it’s in the north eastern monsoon season.

What clothes to take to Phuket in March?

T-Shirts, Shorts and Summer Clothing – Phuket is a hot, humid tropical island. Bring a good selection of cotton t-shirts, shorts, summer dresses and other lightweight clothing and you’ll have a comfortable experience.

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Is Phuket safe at night?

Phuket is pretty safe for the girls. The usual rules for solo female safety apply: Don’t get too drunk, especially late at night . Watch out for motorbike riders who have been known to target lone women at night for bag snatching and sexual assault, in Patong, Kata, and Karon.

Which is better Bali or Phuket?

Bali offers more hotel choices than Phuket does. If you’re a surfer, Bali is your choice for its collection of world-class breaks. On the other hand, Phuket’s beaches are more scenic and laidback, great for those preferring island beach escapades with a mix of water sports and just lazing on the sand.

What is the coldest month in Thailand?

Quick Climate Info
Hottest Month April (89 °F avg)
Coldest Month January (82 °F avg)
Wettest Month September (12.26″ avg)
Windiest Month March (3 mph avg)

Is it a good time to go to Thailand in April?

The best time to visit Thailand is between November and early April . Not only is it the driest part of the year in the Land of Smiles, but it’s also the warmest – temperatures hover between 32 and 36 degrees, with up to nine hours of sunshine a day.

Which month is best to visit Bangkok?

Bangkok has a tropical climate, meaning it is steadily warm and humid throughout the year and prone to rain. The best time to visit Bangkok is November to February which is known as the ‘cool season’.

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