Will my verizon phone work in thailand

Will my verizon phone work in thailand

Does Verizon work in Thailand?

All Verizon iPhones (5, 5s, and 6) works in Thailand . I went to Thailand to visit my family last year, I used iPhone 5 and 5S Verizon and everything works perfectly fine (I used AIS carrier because it has the best reception there). I got iPhone 6 and put Thai SIM card in and work without issue.

How do I get my Verizon phone to work internationally?

We recommend that you add an international travel plan through “Manage International Services” in My Verizon or contact a Verizon Wireless representative by calling (800) 922-0204 to ensure your device is ready for international travel. You can automatically add TravelPass to your account.

What countries does Verizon travel pass cover?

For just $5 a day per line in Mexico and Canada and $10 a day per line in more than 185 countries you can take your domestic talk, text and data allowances with you. TravelPass Countries .

Countries A-K Cost per Device
Albania $10 per day
Aland Islands $10 per day
Algeria $10 per day
Anguilla $10 per day

What countries does Verizon work in?

‘You can use your current Verizon Wireless phone to make and receive calls in more than 40 countries around the world. Visit International Roaming to see where you may be able to use your current Verizon Wireless phone for more information’. Verizon covers countries like Japan, Bahamas, India, Mexico and Canada.

How do I use a Verizon travel pass?

With TravelPass , you can call within the country you’re visiting and you can call back to the US. If you want to call a different country, add an international service plan to your line in My Verizon online or the My Verizon app. You’re charged the international plan rate for these calls.

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Can I use my Iphone in Thailand?

1. YOUR IPHONE MUST BE UNLOCKED (it’s free and MUCH easier to do than you think). No matter what version iphone you have, if it is “carrier locked” to a specific mobile carrier, you will not be able to use a local Thailand sim card in it. Several countries sell iphones unlocked, so you can skip this step.

Can you text internationally for free with Verizon?

How much does international messaging cost while you ‘re in the US? If you have our unlimited data plans or a shared data plan you have unlimited messaging for no additional charge, including messages to and from other countries while you ‘re in the US.

What is Verizon travel pass plan?

TravelPass . TravelPass , Verizon’s go-to international plan , is the perfect option for customers who want to use their cell phone without worrying about added costs. For a set fee of just $10 a day per line, you can access your domestic voice, text and data plan while traveling in over 185 countries worldwide.

Is my Verizon Plan International?

Our international plans let you use your phone in more than 185 countries outside the US and can help you stay on top of your travel budget: TravelPass: For $5/day in Canada and Mexico and $10/day in other countries, you can use your domestic plan’s talk, text and data allowances just like you do at home.

How do I avoid Verizon travel pass fees?

If you want to avoid Verizon’s TravelPass when traveling overseas, money expert Clark Howard says you have other options. Instead of TravelPass , he suggests that you use an old phone that is network unlocked and GSM-compatible, or consider buying a cheap GSM unlocked cell phone.

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How do I avoid international roaming charges Verizon?

5. Are there any special Android or iPhone settings for international travel? Turn off roaming . This stops cellular data use so you won’t be paying extra for a plan you don’t have. Stop apps from sucking your data in the background. Turn off automatic downloads. Track cellular usage.

Is Verizon travel pass unlimited data?

With TravelPass your wireless plan travels just like you do. If you want to use your phone like you do at home with unlimited calling and texting along with 4G LTE data , TravelPass is for you. You’ll only be charged on the days you use calls, send texts or use data on your device abroad.

Can I text internationally with Verizon?

Standard text messaging charge of $0.20/ message applies to messages sent and received in the Nationwide Rate and Coverage Area, except for International Text Messages, which cost $0.25/ message sent and $0.20/ message received, and which do not use messaging bundle allowances, unless you are on a MORE Everything plan

Does Verizon charge for roaming?

Domestic wireless roaming is free on all nationwide Verizon Wireless plans. That means that your mobile device can connect to a non- Verizon network in the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico at no additional cost . The number of minutes doesn’t go up or down just because you’re roaming .

How much does Verizon charge for international calls?

Global Calling

Cost $5 /mo per line
Calling Rates Calls to Mexico & Canada $0.00 /min Calls to 230+ countries. As low as $0.05 /min

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